Can I take advantage of YouTube content on my VetTV?

Do you have content on YouTube that you want to be shown on VetTV? You may not have your own channel, but you want your customers to be able to see some videos that you think may be interesting. With VetTV you will have the possibility to complement the content already available with any video present on the Youtube network. Achieving this is very simple, just copy the web address of the video into your VetTV control panel and incorporate it into the normal programming of your waiting room.

Can I direct VetTV towards the window of my veterinary center?

At all times it is you who defines where you want VetTV content to be broadcast. So there is no limitation on where you can place your television. The content is suitable for viewing on both media and will not cost you a single euro. It is even possible to broadcast VetTV content on two televisions at the same time using dividers, at no extra charge to you.

What advantages can we obtain from the use of VetTV?

With VetTV in your veterinary center you can, while making your stay in your waiting room more enjoyable, communicate your campaigns and promote your services. Better means of communication will make your client more satisfied and with the feeling of having received a much better and more professional treatment. In addition, you will enable your client to perceive your veterinary center as a more modern and avant-garde center.

What sets VetTV apart from the rest?

It is a completely customizable television channel, according to the strategic communication objectives of your center. Easy and simple installation. Free and specialized technical assistance, with the ability to resolve any questions that may arise. Total management of programming, viewing frequency and playback categories. High definition content. News in the moment and in real time, keep your clients informed. Show your social networks easily and simply, increase exposure to your customers.